Yet Another Port of wxVTKRenderWindowInteractor


This class enable VTK to render to and interact with wxWidgets (formerly wxWindows) just as any wxWidgets component.
wxVTKRenderWindowInteractor provide a VTK widget for wxWidgets. This class was completely rewritten to have the Look & Feel of the python version.

See also: wxVTKRenderWindowInteractor.py wxVTKRenderWindow.py vtkFlRenderWindowInteractor




source (tar.gz) (current version is 1.3)

To compile use the CMakeLists.txt (CMake).
Or for VTK 3.2 and older the Sample comes with a Makefile that you need to edit by hand (see oldbin directory in archive)!


1.3 (1 June 2008)
1.2 (31 January 2007)
1.1 (29 January 2007)
1.0 (3 August 2006)
0.8 (22 March 2005)
0.7 (12 September 2003)
0.6 (9 July 2003)
0.2 0.1
    First release.




Well first of,I hope this time the never ending story of wxVTK has finally comes to an end (as of 4/24/03) !
  1. Flickering issues.
    Here are a couple of threads that I wanted to leave so people won't have to reinvent the wheel:

  3. Old stuff
    Brian Todd first wxVTKWindow attempt. The web site is dead use web archive
    David D. Marshall wxVTKWindow. The web site is dead use web archive
    Robin Dunn first attempt. in python only.

  4. DRI troubles:
    Charl Botha troubles with DRI.

Advantage of wxWindow over Qt:

Only the Linux version of Qt is available under GPL. To develop Qt software under Windows, you must buy the Qt/Windows Professional kit for $1550.00 per developer, even if you're developing free software. Moreover you are forbidden from developing GPL software using the Windows version of Qt.
Thus, Qt really does not seem to be competitive with WxWindows for multiplatform development, particularly if you're developing free software.
Also some links from wxWidgets home site:
wxWidgets Compared To Other Toolkits?

From the TrollTech FAQ.



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